I have ever been excited about anything feathered, particularly those with webbed feet! By the age of thirteen, I was lucky enough to start a collection of waterfowl at my family home in Shropshire.


Eight years later, after graduating from university and having learnt so much about these charismatic birds, I was eager to write a book to enthuse and encourage others of the same age to start to enjoy wildlife - such as birds - but especially waterfowl! Early on I wasn't sure where to start in the writing industry so I turned to the WWT (Wildfowl Wetlands Trust) to seek some advice and help along the way.


I had been working alongside the trust during the management of my own collection as well as volunteering at a few of their 9 centres. Over the past 4 years I have also been running marathons to support their various projects including Mission Madagascar to reintroduce the endemic Pochard and research for the intrepid migratory Greenland White-fronted goose  - having raised nearly £5,000 to date.


The plan is to continue further fundraising initiatives and to raise awareness about the importance nature has to people and the planet's welfare.


................... oh and yes, write more books of course!

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