My newly published title is a short story picture book for first readers age 5-9.

Carlton's adventure begins when an unusual object appears on the pond, soon catching his attention. After finishing his morning bath, Carlton seeks to discover exactly what has turned up on the pond. Upon closer inspection he realises it is in fact one of his favourite foods. Soon he decides to leave the pond in search of the source of such good fortune.

Along his journey he meets a variety of birds to ask for advice, from a sea gull to a couple of pheasants. Despite the lack of help each encounter brings, Carlton continues with his adventure when finally his perseverance rewards him. Unexpectedly, a wise old bird directs him straight to the right place. Filled with great excitement, finally Carlton seizes upon the long-awaited prize and wastes little time in getting stuck in.


This book introduces waterfowl to youngsters in their teens. That said, the book is equally appealing to anybody with a new interest in birds such as waterfowl. Besides the fundamental information to understand and identify each family member, the book’s characterful and animated style is complemented by lots of ‘Fun Facts’, quiz questions and hand-drawn illustrations.

An introduction and overview of the family structure are followed by over 100 pages of detailed information of 34 species of swans, geese and ducks, including their appearance, habitat, behaviour, locations and the best time of year to see them, as well as their population and conservation status.


A further list is provided about the work by various charities, especially the WWT, of conservation and protection of birds, places to visit, important wetlands around the world, and advice on how to start your own waterfowl collection like when I started mine.

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